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Junk Cars And Why They Are Valuable To Salvage Yards

The automotive salvage industry depends on their junk car buyer to go and locate cars, trucks, and SUVs that they can purchase for salvage and scrap. The buyers are responsible for finding the vehicles, scheduling junk car removal for the owner, and keeping a steady flow of vehicles coming into the salvage yard. 

The Real Value

For many people, a junk car or truck is just something they want out of the yard, and often a junk car removal service or junk car buyer is the means to making that happen. The real value in these cars is often not in the vehicle as a whole, but the parts that are removed and resold along with the scrap metal recycled after the vehicle is disassembled. 

The salvage yard will sell the parts that are good from the car, and if the junk car buyer got the car at a low price, the salvage yard might recover the cost of the vehicle with a single sale in some cases. The remaining parts sold become profit, and once the car is ready to be scraped, the salvage operator can sell the steel to add to the overall profit from the vehicle. 

Cost And Overhead

While this may sound like a business making money quickly, many things go into the process. The junk car buyer first needs to locate the vehicles, which can take some time and legwork. Once the junk cars are found, a deal needs to be made, and the salvage yard needs to have a tow truck and operator pick up the vehicle and haul it back to the yard.

After the junk vehicle is in the yard, the salvage operator needs to strip the car of all the good parts, sort them, tag them, and put them in storage until someone comes looking for a specific piece. This can be a risk for the salvage operation because they never know what will sell and what will sit in storage for a long time. Turning over inventory is an integral part of the business, but determining what will sell is often challenging. 

Reducing these costs is the most difficult part of running a salvage operation, and depending on the junk car buyer, keeping vehicles coming in is critical. 

Selling Scrap Metal

When the junk car buyer finds a deal on a car and brings it in, stripping the car to the frame and body is often the priority of the salvage operator. The faster they can remove any non-metallic items from the vehicle, the sooner they can crush it and have the scrap metal ready to sell. 

Most salvage operations will store the crushed cars until the price is high, then sell as much steel as possible at that price. The scrap price can change regularly, so the operator must watch the prices to choose the best time to sell the material. 

The price they pay for each car needs to come out of that profit, so in general, the price junk car buyers will offer you for your junk car can vary at any given time. A vehicle worth a few hundred dollars last week may not be in a few more weeks, based on the recyclers' price for scrap at that time.   

For more information, contact a junk car buyer in your area.