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Damage Typical Of Hitting A Motorcyclist: What You Can Expect For Repairs

Hitting a motorcyclist is a pretty serious accident. If you were traveling over forty miles an hour, there is a very good chance that the cyclist, his/her bike, and your car are not looking so good. Here is what you can expect for repairs after such an accident:

Dented Fender/Bumper

Dented fenders or bumpers are par for the course, regardless of what you hit or what hits you. To fix a bumper, the auto body repair shop will remove it and try to hammer it out. If that does not work, you can expect to pay up to a couple hundred dollars to replace it.

Smashed Headlights

Unless the motorcycle skidded sideways in front of your car when you hit it, or it came in front of you from either the right or the left, you may only have to replace one smashed set of headlights. Otherwise, count on replacing both sets of headlights because a motorcycle is low enough to the ground to break headlights when you hit it.

Dented Hood

If you hit the motorcyclist hard enough to send him/her over your hood, then it is very likely that you have a dent in your hood as well. This is much harder to remove, and often the solution is to replace the hood with a new one. Because many car hoods are now constructed to be just above the top of the engine when they are closed, the dented hood could cause engine issues if you leave it alone.

Smashed Windshield 

If the motorcyclist and/or his/her bike hit your hood, they most definitely hit your windshield too before flying forward to land on the road again. The force of impact would smash your windshield, if not obliterate it entirely. That is another couple hundred dollars to replace.

Damaged Front Side Panels

Just behind the headlights on your vehicle are two side panels that sit under the hood of your vehicle and over the tops of the front tires. If you hit the motorcyclist at a slight angle, there is a very good chance that at least one of these front side panels sustained some damage. It will have to be replaced entirely, given its location and the complications to the rest of the body and frame of your vehicle. If the damage is really bad, the repair technician may want to check your tire and wheel alignment as well.

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