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5 Truck Features & Accessories Ideal For Food Lovers

For food lovers, a truck may not be the most ideal vehicle for eating, but there are inevitable times where eating must be done on the road. Make the best of it by purchasing a truck with features and accessories that are specifically catered to enjoying fresh food. Whether you make food on your own or want to enjoy a take-out dinner, there are options in your truck that can make it a lot easier. The following five features can be added at a car dealer or purchased after you leave with a new truck. With a little planning, you can make eating on the go easy and enjoyable.

Cool Boxes

A number of new vehicles have cool boxes installed in them. A cool box is a small compartment that can keep drinks and other foods chilled while you drive. The process works by diverting air conditioner air into the cool box. During a hot day, it can help prevent foods from spoiling.

If a cool box is not installed directly in the truck that you want to purchase, then consider having an upgrade installed. The coolbox will go in the center of the truck for easy access while you're driving. It has enough space to store a few drinks and a meal.

USB Ports

Instead of typical 12v ports, a number of new trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado feature USB ports. These ports can charge electronic devices, but they also work with a number of gadgets specifically made for food.

  • USB Drink Cooler - A small vintage refrigerator replica opens up to reveal a space for a can of soda on the inside. This is great for enjoying a cool drink with any meal that you have.
  • USB Food Warmer - A box allows you to place a meal inside and have it warmed up using the USB power. This type of gadget is ideal for reheating leftovers or melting cheese on a sandwich.
  • USB Travel Cup - Keep coffee warm and heat up soup with the all-in-one travel cup. The back of the cup has a USB port that is easy to access and add instant warmth to a variety of liquids. The gadget is ideal for driving during winter months.

Truck Grills

There are two types of grills you can purchase for your truck. The front grill is ideal for operation while a back bed cooking grill is ideal for making your favorite meats and vegetables. A small grill can easily get installed to the bed of a truck. When running on 12V power, the grill can evenly cook items and supply you with fresh meals. This type of grill is ideal for camping, tailgating, or a quick rest stop meal.

Instead of plugging into your truck's battery, small charcoal grills also work well in the back of a truck. These grills take longer to get heated, so they are ideal for longer stops or vacation road trips. After 20 to 30 minutes of heating, you can prepare all types of meals from the truck.

App Features & Touchscreen

Instead of a traditional radio, new trucks from companies like Dodge and Chevrolet now feature touch-screen access and multiple apps. Along with music, you can browse the internet and order your favorite foods on the go. Waiting for take-out can take a long time. While driving, you can easily access GPS features for near-by restaurants and contact information. This allows you to easily order meals and get there when they are ready. The expansion of food access gives you a lot more food options. Specialty apps for specific food places allow you to make accounts and set quick orders for even faster service.

Center Consoles

One of the easiest upgrades you can add to a new truck is a deluxe center console. These consoles have a number of features that cater to food lovers. For example, you can have expanded cup holders. This allows you to carry multiple drinks and larger drinks in the cup holder spots. Small storage bins inside a center console makes it easy to keep plastic utensils, napkins, or small condiment packets. All of these extras can enhance a meal and make it easier to enjoy your favorite foods on the go.

Work with a car dealer to get a majority of these features installed in your new truck purchase.